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Autobahn is the first simulation of German bus buses. With the collaboration of FlixBus, the free Fernbus Coach simulator was developed in more than 40 cities to show the daily life of a German bus. Use the simulator shuttlebus Every day you can enjoy long and long-distance MAN Lions buses / long and long bus drivers.

How does it work?

Approximately one kilometer from FlixBusGerman routes and over 40 German citiesThey are simulated. Local guides are too long, the simulator is set to scale at 1:10. You can navigate a difficult road network and more than 40 bus stations in other cities located in the city, while challenging your bus.Ongelukke, stacking and construction sites in constant communications while keeping your role on schedule while driving.


The MAN buses are original kajuitMet also featured all functions outside and bus, modeled with the best details.The Fernbus simulator offers a real atmosphere with a true traveler. Simulator coaches have tested and optimized the real drivers of drivers and bus drivers.

Bus simulator 16 driving simulation game, where safely and time will take five realists in the different neighborhoods of the city, the role of our bus driver in the role of the manager of nosenepatnitsite. You will get more money to promote your career, you will receive ads to unlock the decorative items for free,you will receive new routes.

The best thing in real life

Bus Simulator 16 is a very specific game, correctly reproducing your bus control. Complex controls may use some, but if you are patient you will get them. You have to be careful when driving, but you still have to be alert. Deviations and other dangers may occur. Your travelers can also make it difficult; You will have the right to sell it and make sure the wheelchair unit is expandedthat you do To make money and traces, more buses will be unlocked for sale. You can also decorate your bus with stylish stickers, even if you leave behind the wheel you will not have much choice.

Everything is fun having a bus driver

Like most of the simulation games, the Bus Simulator has a 16 degree weight. If you want to be a bus driver, it’s your game, but it may not be very popular.

Fernbus Simulator

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Include a world of C and C ++ programs with editors and Dev-C ++ Blood partners that are most widely used and most effective in C and C ++ languages. Download for free and start the app.

Rich feature

As the Dev-C ++ blood flows on a studio, it supports in day-to-day programs until developers’ work focuses on real design and construction work. The help desk editor and car kit will give you the answers to everything you are trying to wrinkle. Forgot the next part of the code code?Start writing what you think is mandatory and the studio will help Him to get a hat. Find work libraries and other key features of the code, or ask for help community. You will find your project for a while.

Project from Start to Finish

Built-in editor with the collection will enable you to stay on Dev-C ++ since the end of the editor. Generate your code and start the linework with the Andadebugger line to get the problem. Once the code is correctly executed and the bug uses voluntary compilerto create eke for distribution and use. Blood Dev-C ++ is a free development studio and one style that will ever lead to development. Free today!

Dev C

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 x64

Cration d’illustrations AU PRS pixel

Dessinez de des Formes and others TRACS Qui s’alignent parfaitement sur la jeriji de pixel. Alignez Ipa illustration d’un easy convertible clic en utilisant de Simples OU. Prservez les les angles, and others form dynamiques arrondis, conservez l’alignement Lors de la direction de l’Chelle and la putarand’Objets, ET dcalez manuellement ET LES segments extrmits parfait pour obtenir un alignement.

basic RIC Rapide Oaks

Ajoutez despolices individuellesenFavorisretrouver cells quickly pour vous Kwai intressent. Do Liste Filtrez pour voir les base rcemment Asap, trouvez variantes de Sel de que vous apprciez parcourez certaines catgories OU, Oh Sottas Avec manuscrites esoteric fourtements.

facilitating the use of de ‘

Use the etilem en de avais glyphes slectionnant en un caractre and others if the Votre Choix faisant ands le menu contextuel. Visualisez and others glyphes rcemment insrez utiliss, etc. Triez-ti-l plus pour parcourir


Dmarrezaccelerating projection de cration en de accdant paramtres prdfinis ainsi Qu “des gratuits Adobe Stock modles via la commande fichierNouveau.

Optimization of illumination and other false policies

Survolez de la Liste base pour obtenir un aperu en direct avec le slectionn lanjut, placez charg le butiran dans un conteneur, remplissez ou avec du granule From Derner de substitution pour le Mieux visualizer rsultat. aisment Manipulez Texte Objets MME partageant de la Famille de kerohanianjagung ayant de stylesdiffrents,etc. inversement.


Visualisez playback modifiez du contenu and other Agrandir VEN can pay Host slections (active point, segment, Trac, Objet, etc).

Curseurs gain multiple rptitives skirts

Rdigez plusieurs lignes de la fois pour une Liste crer actualiser Puces ET UNE Ide de Chanes plus rapidement, danal effectuer plusieurs simultanment modification.

Modernization of de l’utilisateur exprience

L’face unifie and other Nouvelles Outils de icnes and other panneauxvousoffrent un Espace de znyasilvannePUR and other vous vous sur Votre aident concentrer illustration.

Et bien plus encore!

Bnficiez galement de possibilits suivantes: archivage, consultancy and others Restauration de l’Historie vers de Hoz Ressources dancing Bibliothques Stokes Creative Cloud, des contenus rough CC l’aide pour des application de Postes Travail ET PROJETS des cellphone.

1. Internet Votre’s couper of communication and Adobe Illustrator installer.

2. Mettez le rpertoire d’en Illustrator votreantivirusdance exclusion (refer prcaution).

3.Copier and other remplacer “” ands le rpertoire d’installation C: Program FilesAdobeAdobe Illustrator CC 2017

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

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