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After 60 minutes the air was 68, starting on Tuesday, but spent most of the time on Sunday, where she remains today. It offers a popular news research, interviews and features, along with people in the news and in this Protocol to create unprecedented zapisuNielsen in qualifying1 five-time qualifications, making it one of the most successful programs of all. The story of the television series has won more awards “Emmy” than any other programanovini IIN 2003 Don Hewitt, the founder (in 1968) was awarded achieve EmmyLifmyth with 60 minutes played. During the 2009 season,including correspondent Steve Kroft on, Lesley Stahl, Bob Simon, Scott Pelley, Morley Safer, Katie Couric, Byron Pitts, Lara Logan, Charlie Rose, Anderson Cooper and Andy Rooney. Added to 11 Peabody Awards, this phenomenal series of long collected 78 uznagaroddlya 2005 season and continues to beone of the first to choose a journal news

60 Minutes

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Be strong after the poor plane crash, two people and connect to live on the sidewalk of snow mountain. As you know, help will come, hard to start through the desert trinidad, they were challenging to cope with unexpected attractions ignoring. The film leads Oscar Hani Abu Asad and Kate Winslet’s starring starter Idris Elba.

Mountain Usuy and Ben on aircraft on private platforms during the test have a heart attack in the center and runs the Uithan Desert.Fortunately Ben is a physician and Ashley teacher on health while living in poor condition. Ashley, who had to return to her wedding, was about to fall in Ben.

Language: English

Theme: No.

Note: NO

Release date: January 25, 2018

Write: drama / romance

Time: not available

Distributors: pastor of the twentieth century

Dial: Idris Elba, Kate Winslet, Dermot Malruny, Bob Bridges

Director: Ghana Abu Asad

Do: 2D

The Mountain Between Us 2017

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Beyond Skyline – Detective-as-nails Mark decides to free his son, Trent, from a horrifying alien war. This Skyline tracking for 2010 was set during the same global alien invasion, but elsewhere.


Subtitles: Na

Classification: NA

Date of announcement: 30 November 2017

Genre: Action / Science Fiction

Duration: none

Distributor: Oneworld Alliance Film

Cast: Frank Grill, Bojana Novakovich, Iko Jouyis, Calan Mulls, Ewan Rohan

Director: LiamO’Donnell


Beyond Skyline 2017

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Superstatural features include stars Jensen Akel and Jared Padaletki as Dean and Sam Vinchester, two brothers who traveled to the country in search of an eerie father and fought the evil spirits. Sam Winchester is a law student, determined to escape his past family – unlike his older brother, Dean. Even when they were little, her father was obsessed with finding the evil forces that killed his beloved wife when he recruited his two sons andtrained and helped him in his revenge. Onions grew up as supernatural hunters. He fled on the assumption that he would go to college, and now he has a happy life with his girlfriend Jessica and a promising future career. However, Dean stayed with his father to accompany him on the “hunt”. Dean goes to Sam to help when her dad disappears. Now Sammora finds her brother. His one and only weekend trip in search of a missing John Winchesterbecomes a constant search for a terrible tragedy that ruins a happy, happy life for itself. Two brothers who are trapped in their mission in tragedies and blood travel across countries facing terrible and dangerous forces. Only superstition and folklore, such as “Ladi and Vhite”, Indian beasts known as Vendigo, causes phantom aircraft accidents, Bloodi Mari, vampires, demons and others

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