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Autobahn is the first simulation of German bus buses. With the collaboration of FlixBus, the free Fernbus Coach simulator was developed in more than 40 cities to show the daily life of a German bus. Use the simulator shuttlebus Every day you can enjoy long and long-distance MAN Lions buses / long and long bus drivers.

How does it work?

Approximately one kilometer from FlixBusGerman routes and over 40 German citiesThey are simulated. Local guides are too long, the simulator is set to scale at 1:10. You can navigate a difficult road network and more than 40 bus stations in other cities located in the city, while challenging your bus.Ongelukke, stacking and construction sites in constant communications while keeping your role on schedule while driving.


The MAN buses are original kajuitMet also featured all functions outside and bus, modeled with the best details.The Fernbus simulator offers a real atmosphere with a true traveler. Simulator coaches have tested and optimized the real drivers of drivers and bus drivers.

Bus simulator 16 driving simulation game, where safely and time will take five realists in the different neighborhoods of the city, the role of our bus driver in the role of the manager of nosenepatnitsite. You will get more money to promote your career, you will receive ads to unlock the decorative items for free,you will receive new routes.

The best thing in real life

Bus Simulator 16 is a very specific game, correctly reproducing your bus control. Complex controls may use some, but if you are patient you will get them. You have to be careful when driving, but you still have to be alert. Deviations and other dangers may occur. Your travelers can also make it difficult; You will have the right to sell it and make sure the wheelchair unit is expandedthat you do To make money and traces, more buses will be unlocked for sale. You can also decorate your bus with stylish stickers, even if you leave behind the wheel you will not have much choice.

Everything is fun having a bus driver

Like most of the simulation games, the Bus Simulator has a 16 degree weight. If you want to be a bus driver, it’s your game, but it may not be very popular.

Fernbus Simulator

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