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Sleep Timer is designed for people who like to fall asleep and listen to music. Before they reach hay, consumers will decide how long they want to listen to music before they go to sleep or avoid turning off their music.

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The main function of the Sleep Time feature is that consumers receive a clock that they can adapt to display. The number of minutes the music plays. The count counts down the records, allowing the users to seea glimpse of how many minutes are left. The program fits in with a large number of devices and means that the battery is unnecessarily drained during their functionality. The program works with various music programs, although it can be difficult to set the timer correctly for people who can not predict the future so that the music is just ausschaltet moment. I fall from sleep.

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yDesigns that sleeping is the perfect toolfor those who enjoy listening to music when they sleep. But it may be almost impossible to anticipate how long a person sleeps at night, and if it is wrong, the music can stop before they reach Aim.

Sleep Timer

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